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January 17, 2017
Arvest Bank

33 members met at Arvest Bank, a few ate heartily at Mazzio's before.

Ken started the meeting about 7:03 pm with the agenda projected on the screen.

Motion passed to accept minutes as emailed to members.

Ray Purdum reported that we have about $2400.00 in the bank with all Christmas party expenses paid and dues received at the party deposited.

Club News

After the meeting we learned that Pete Hodges passed away Dec. 27, 2016. Pete was a long time member of Oldies 'n Goodies and a good friend of the Club.
Jana Cobb had surgery to remove her gall bladder and a spot on her liver. Harvey says she is recovering well and the spot is not a problem. Way to go Jana.
Jim Harris is still hobbling, but getting better.
Patricia Bohannan had reconstructive jaw surgery. It was a bit more extensive than planned, 5hrs rather than 1, but her jaw bone is growing. She will have one more surgery in mid February.
Want to thank Patricia for her work as secretary.
Vicky Lomax is having chemo.
BC Burris inherited a 1941 Packard 110 sedan that belonged to his Grandfather. It has 11,124 original miles, not quite broken in. Oh yea, and they are expecting a baby in June to join the twins.
Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

New Business

Neal Johnson reviewed the budget for the car show. He ran scenarios for 200, 100, 50 and 0 cars at the show. All showed that we should do a little better than break even for reasonable expenses and income. The budget is attached.

John Rowlett, the 2017 Car Show Chairman, reported that he has done no work, but he has a lot of good help. They have had one meeting of the committee and things are progressing. He passed a list around seeking volunteers for the various activities at the show. Most who worked last year will do the same this year. John appreciates the help.

Carol Ervin reported that Main Streets has submitted requesst for permits and has the vendor form on our website. She said based on last year they will use the parking lot across from the Presbyterian church for retail vendors and have most of the sponsors scattered throughout the show.

Ken showed us the new flyer, attached. Please contact Ken if you are going to a car show and take some flyers with you to distribute. We will also put them up around town.

Neal Johnson will head judging. In addition to the HIGH FIVE we will have Top 20, several special awards and a new one, a Preservation award. The latter class will be cars over 65 years old with original engine and drivetrain, original interior and mostly original paint. If it wasn't for replacement knees and hips several of our members would qualify. Oh I forgot members can't enter.

Wayne Vineyard will do the DJ again this year. Really appreciate his work. Mike Nodine moved that we triple his pay. Didn't pass 'cause it got as many votes as his pay - i.e. zero.

Ken says it is time to start contacting our sponsors and get their money to Ray. Ken will send out an email with last year's sponsor and contact. If you know someone who would like to sponsor please contact them and let Ken know.

Ray and Jeanie Purdum are working on t-shirts. They showed us their design which is a modification of the flyer, attached. As members we can order special shirts and get them before the show. Please pay as we need to put money up front for the shirts.

Adjourned at 7:40 pm. Respectfully by Bernie Baldwin

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posted 19 January, 2017 by kenharris

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