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February 21, 2017
Arvest Bank

38 members met at Arvest Bank, a few ate heartily at Mazzio's before.

Ken started the meeting about 7:03 pm.

Motion passed to accept minutes as emailed to members.

Ray Purdum reported that we have $5088.02 in the bank and will have about $5800 when the sponsors checks are deposited.

Dues are Due
After the March meeting unpaid members will get no email

Club News

Patricia Bohannan had the second surgery on her jaw. It was successful but is still painful. Card was passed around for all to sign.
Jim Harris is getting better.
Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Bob Miller won First place in early Mustangs at StarBirds. Way to go Bob!

David van Horn joined us. He has a 1929 Model A. Welcome.

New Business

John Rowlett, the 2017 Car Show Chairman, reported that the Car Show work is going well. He said the two committees, Parking and Barricades, picnic tables and trash need chairpersons. Darrel Adams volunteered to be the contact person. Remember any tents or canopies MUST have a fire tag on them. I think that is an anti-fire tag. And they WILL be inspected.

Carol Ervin is working on vendors, to date we only have one food vendor, Weezies. Wes will check on their food crew. Please propose others.

Ken brought a concern from prior years. As a sign of appreciation we made all sponsors members of the Club, but Club Members cannot enter their car in the show. Mike Nodine moved that Corporate Sponsors, who are not already members, can enter the Car Show and be judged by paying the show fee. Ray Purdum seconded. Motion passed. Ken pointed out that Corporate Sponsors who want to bring a car for their vendor space, but don't want it judged, can do so at no charge.

Jeanie Harris, registration chairperson, showed us the new registration form. It is a carbon-less carbon paper with the personal information blocked out on the second copy that will be posted with the car. Clever idea! This way they only have to enter the data once. The initial copy, with address and email, will be kept for our files. Jeanie will also make some large posters that clearly spell out the choice of classes. There are only two.

Neal Johnson said there will be only two choices on classes, the Preservation class, being championed by Mel Shoesmith, and an open class for all the rest. Judges will pick the cars eligible for the Top 5 and all the rest will be eligible for the top 20%.

Mel explained that the Preservation class is for cars with minimal modification from their original condition. This even includes painting the block. This is rapidly becoming a desirable class of cars. It makes for interesting judging, Mel said he lost no points with his Buick for interior with most of the driver's side floor worn out because you could see it was original. Sounds like a great addition to the Car Show.

Ken reported that we have lost a few Sponsors but gained more. Two of note are Jesse's Auto Body and Scottlea Hot Rod. They will each bring a car for promotion of the Club. Striker with Jesse and Tow Mater with Scottlea. Jesse’s Aoto Body will alsofeature Tom Smith from “Misfit Garage” who will be a guest celebrity at Jess’s booth. Remember to support our sponsors by trading with them and letting them know you appreciate their contributions. The sponsors are why we can do as much as we do at the Car Show.

Sponsors need to get their money in by mid-March to get on the t-shirt. Please remind your sponsors

Ken showed us two possible dash plaques. These are not too expensive and participants last year seemed glad to get them. Some folks collect them. Mike Nodine moved and Ed Lomax seconded that Ken negotiate for the dash plaques using the license plate design and getting 250 plaques. Motion Passed with several no's for Krober in his absence.

BC Burtis, Activities Chairman, was asking for a contact to Enterline so that we might visit their shop. He is also working on a trip to Pop's, the awesome soda pop shop in Arcadia on a Saturday trip. Arcadia also has the Round Barn and a really interesting Hot Rod shop. BC will also contact Advance Auto who had asked about promotion at their store for our Club and their store, with hot dogs etc. Please let BC know something you would like to do, but only for Car Club stuff - you're on your own for the rest.

As part of our by-laws we must elect, or re-elect, two directors each year. Due to family health issues Bill Davis has resigned from the Board and Ed Lomax's term is up. After requesting volunteers and talking with Club members Ken proposed Ed Lomax continue and Bernie Baldwin fill in the vacancy. Both were approved by voice vote.

Check out the Club website for upcoming car shows. Two in particular, Coffeyville April 8 at Walmart Show and Shine, no cost and door prizes and 1st Friday of each month the Caney Car Club goes to eat. Join in if you can. They meet & leave from Gorby’s Museum just as you come into Caney from the South.

Next meeting March 21, 2017 7:00 pm at Arvest East Side Bank. The hungry ones will eat at Mazzio's about 6:00 pm.

Adjourned at 8:16 pm.

Check http://oldiesngoodiescarclub.com for classified ads, pictures of our activities and upcoming car shows.

Respectfully Submitted:
Bernie Baldwin - Secretary


posted 23 February, 2017 by kenharris

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