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April 18, 2017
Arvest Bank

42 members met at Arvest Bank, a few ate at Mazzio's beforehand.

Ken started the meeting at 7:02 pm.

Motion passed to accept minutes as emailed to members.

Ray Purdum reported that after paying for t-shirts, Tri-County Tech tools and advertising we have $6,425 in the bank. Good way to start the Car Show

Club News

Mel Shoesmith is having all the fun he can with a kidney stone. OUCH!
Patricia Bohannan is starting to eat some food. Big improvement.
Ken Harris's eye is maybe - hope it improves. Jeannie Harris's thumb is better .
Ed Cunningham is ready for knee surgery. Question is are they ready for him.
Jerry Ashlock had a blood clot or clots. It was touch and go for a while, but he is better.
Neal and Susan Johnson have bought property in Mendon, Utah and will be moving later this year. Rats!
Please keep all in your thoughts and prayers

New Members
Darrell Keltner - Model A and Corvair convertible
Steve Meadors - apparently drives his old Rambler with abandon

Old Business

About 14 couples met with the Caney Cruisers Tue May 11 at Luigi's in Bartlesville. Most of us knew someone from the Cruisers and met others. Plan to meet with them next month too. Ken will send emails.

New Business
Friday night cruise will be at TallGrass motors, weather permitting. 6:30 pm, West side of Hwy 75 about a block North of Tuxedo.

Carol Ervin - she has several food vendors, in fact she has had to turn some away. Mexican, German, American and Eskimo (shaved ice). A lot of the sponsors are getting spaces this year

Ken reported that we could not get the transmission organized this year. Will try next year.

John Rowlett reported that things are going well. Big issue will be cleaning up and picking up after the show. Stay and help load barricades, trash barrels and take trash sacks to Jay's dumpster.

Neal Johnson asked for and got the three judges he needed.

One banner that was located in Dewey is missing. If you see it let Harvey know.

Edna is making cinnamon rolls this year. Now you know you need to be there early!!!

Registration is ready. Thanks Jeannie.

Just a reminder. Members do not enter our cars in the Car Show, but bring them to show in our area. Park and get a Host Card at registration.

Do you have an extension cord that is 100 ft long and 12 gauge for 20 amps? Call Ken.

Clark Donnell will bring his American Flag and Julie Pattison will sing the National Anthem. This will be scheduled so that the bells at the First Presbyterian Church do not compete. It was awesome last year.

Charlie McClellan has the National Guard to present the colors.

Ken showed a lamp made by Mike Nodine from motorcycle parts. It is really awesome. Ken was asking if we should have Wayne auction it off for one of our charities.

Ken asked about hiring a drone to fly over the show and make a 10 minute video. Response was sort of UH. We need to think about new ways to showcase our show. Ken and Carol will be on KWON AM 1400 radio’s “Community Connection” with Charlie Taraboletti on May 8th at 8:30 am to promote the show.

Upcoming Events

May 12 Friday night. Everyone should show up at Jay's 6:30 pm to load goodie bags.

May 28 bring cars to Bartlesville Rehab, North of Jane Phillips hospital 10:30 to 1:00. People really like our yearly visit and hot dogs are good.
Swap Meet, or is that swamp meet, is at Creek county fair grounds April 22 and 23.

April 21 & 22 Friday and Saturday, Tulsa Swap meet at Creek Co Fair grounds. You can get there by going through Sapulpa or getting off at the Kellyville exit off I-44. Always lots of good stuff and some junk too.

April 22 Saturday Siemens is sponsoring a Harley party. Proceeds go to the Boy's and Girl's Club.

April 28, Friday, will be our annual appearance at Bartlesville Rehab. This has always been a good time and good food. 10:30 am through 1 pm. This facility is North of Jane Phillips hospital.

May 5, 6 & 7 Stray Katz Show in Dewey.

Next meeting May 16th… 6:00 pm at the new City Center Pavalion at the entrance to Johnstone Park. Pizza from Simple Simons.

Adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Bernie Baldwin

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posted 20 April, 2017 by kenharris

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