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May 16, 2017
Johnstone Park

42 members met at the Pavilion in Johnston Park to converse, devour pizza (Simple Simons) and meet to discuss Car Show

Ken started the meeting at 6:43 pm.

Motion passed to accept minutes as emailed to members.

Ray Purdum reported that after the Car Show we have $5992.53 in the bank.

Club News

Katie and BC Burris welcomed Barrett via emergency cesarean section. Katie and Barrett are doing well. We will see what BC can do to encourage him to be a car guy - what else?
Mel Shoesmith, in addition to having a kidney stone had three blood clots. He is doing better, just shows how much fun you can have in Kansas.
Jerry Ashlock continues to improve, but still has to be careful with all those blood clots.
Fran McCarthy has a bad case of poison ivy. She even missed pizza.
Ken and Jeannie's second wedding anniversary was tonight. Oops
Please keep all in your thoughts and prayers

New Members
Randy Bettis - 1969 Mustang convertible.

Old Business

Ray Purdum - preliminary Car Show report - 161 cars registered, $4900 distributed as cash prizes and $1,250 t-shirts were sold. More details will come. Reminder that there are some t-shirts available, $10 each.

Bernie reported that 4 tool chests were given to the four top students at Tri-County Technical School on May 12. The recipients were Kevin Kerns and Spencer Smith in Service Technology (auto mechanics) and Cornelius Colber and Johna Brazee in Automotive Collision. The tools and cabinets cost $1833.67, but with discounts from Lowes on Kobalt tools and watching sales at Harbor Freight the recipients received over $800 worth of tools each.

Motion made and passed that $2000 be set aside for 4 tool sets in 2018.

The visit of members and their cars to Bartlesville Rehab center had limited response from the residents due to inclemant weather. The visits that did happen were good, the hot dogs and hamburgers were great and the live music very enjoyable. This is one of our scheduled yearly visits to local area rehab/nursing homes.

New Business

Terry Ervin, representing Washington County Drug rehab, reminded us that one person dies every 6 seconds of opiod prescription drugs. She distributed information and suggested that to get rid of drugs mix them with coffee grounds. This prevents someone else from using them. The mixture looks pretty yucky!

John Rowlett, Car Show Chairman, said he was very pleased with the show and all comments he received were positive. To be fair Mike Nodine, one of the judges, said one individual complained because he was convinced his car had not been judged, it had and he won a top 20 award. Several of his friends said this is standard fare and don't take it seriously. The blind fold car identification was fun for both participants and spectators. The Hoola Hoop contest was also fun. In general both the car people and the spectators appeared to enjoy themselves at our Car Show. Can't ask for more than that. Oh yea we broke even too!

Jeannie Harris thanked Edna Ayres for her above and beyond help with registration - note THE CINNAMON ROLLS WERE AWESOME. Jeannie said the new forms helped speed things up and the banner got people to the correct location and Charlie McClellan providing directions on entry I'm sure helped too. Jeannie will provide a little more training regarding common questions next year. Most questions were about the Preservation class. Mel Shoesmith suggested we consider calling it Un-Restored class next year.

Parking had some minor issues like people going where they wanted rather than where parking suggested. I noticed that some cars and drivers arrived as early as 6:30 to "get their spot". Also the barricades did not totally stop "civilians" from driving through. A potential problem with several young males riding their powered bicycles even after being asked to walk them rather than driving around cars and people. I know what they would do on NCIS but we would not.

Chuck McCarthy said he had Neil Johnson's help gather door prizes this year and they got a very good supply. He also said Hagerty Car Insurance has stated that they want to help local car club. They have provided most of our goodie bags but Chuck is going to check to see if they have something else in mind. Motion made and passed to give Chuck $200 in gas money.

Although all the results have not be tallied most of the cars registered were from out of the Bartlesville, Dewey, Copan, Ramona area. The long distance award was from Colorado. Thus our Car Show is bringing folks into the Bartlesville area. Are you listening City of Bartlesville?

General assessment was that Jessie's Striker and Tom Smith, Misfit Garage, were a positive. Tom is certainly a character.

The National Guard and Julie Pattison singing the National Anthem were awesome. Time spent remembering our origins is always good.

The City of Bartlesville along with Bartlesville Streets does not have the resources to help keep the Car Show downtown in 2018. There is a lot of work, letters and permits, that we don't see, to hold it there. Ken and Jeannie have investigated two additional locations. We have the date reserved for the pavilion where we had our meeting tonight for May 12, 2018. One big advantage is working electrical outlets and nice bathrooms. This would require notifying the YMCA and Jeannie has a drawing of how it could hold 226 cars, see Attachment A. The Civic Center, overhead view in Attachment B, is another option and we could rent it for $200 or so. I suppose Sooner Park, our old location is possible too. These are merely to start us thinking about a 2018 location since we will have to move.

Upcoming Events

May 27 Kiddie Park is having their 70th Anniversary and would like cars from 4 - 7 pm

May 27 Caney Fest maybe leave at 3 and go to Kiddie Park

Next meeting June 20th --- BC, the new Dad, has a cruise to eat in mind info will be emailed to you.

Adjourned at 7:21 pm
Respectfully submitted by Bernie Baldwin

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posted 18 May, 2017 by kenharris

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