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June 20, 2017
Buck's BBQ and Steak House
Sedan, KS

36 members and family drove the scenic trip to Sedan KS to dine at Buck's BBQ and Steak House. With the excellent food it was more gobble than sedate dining.

Ken started the meeting at 7:49 pm.

Motion passed to accept minutes as emailed to members.

Ray Purdum reported that we have about $6000 in the bank. With his greasy fingers I don't think he wanted to touch the checkbook.

Club News

Barrett is back in the hospital with double pneumonia, he is about a month old. Please keep Barrett, his Mom Katie Dad BC and the girls in your thoughts and prayers! Update 6/23/17 Barrett is doing better.
Marggie Miller is doing better. The surgery was successful now she just needs to keep improving.
John Ervin has a severe infection.

Please keep all in your thoughts and prayers

Old Business

Lots of members made it to the Church of Christ Car Show in Dewey

Many made it to Caney Fest

Several made the visit to Brookdale North and South Nursing Homes. There was reported good response

New Business

The Board spent most of the last meeting discussing a change of venue for the 2018 Car Show. This has been precipitated because the City of Bartlesville, along with Bartlesville Streets, does not have the resources to help keep the Car Show downtown in 2018. The downtown location required a lot of work by several members, do the names Neal Johnson and Harvey Cobb ring a bell? Ken briefly reviewed the history of our move to downtown 5, can you believe it, years ago.

There was some discussion from the floor with requests to look at Dewey, Sooner Park, our original location, and Johnstone Park with some pros and cons tossed in. This is the discussion that we need.

We currently have overhead views of three possible sites. The pavilion at Johnstone Park (Attachment A), The Community Center Parking lot (Attachment B) and the east parking lot at TriCounty Tech (Attachment C). Please go walk around these locations and bring any others to the next meeting and/or get information to an officer. Information needed is how many cars can be shown, where do participants sit, location for vendors (some with electrical needs), parking for spectators and cost. Editorial note: I've included information on TriCounty because it became a possibility due to the discussion in the meeting even though it was not specifically proposed during the meeting. Please bring all ideas with you for the next meeting so we can discuss then. The more details the better.

Ken asked about the value of our three methods of communicating with members, the website (oldiesngoodiescarclub.com, facebook and email). The first costs several hundred dollars a year and requires maintenance. Again this is up for discussion on how to best communicate with all the members.

Upcoming Events

Adjourned at 8:12 pm
Respectfully submitted by Bernie Baldwin

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posted 25 June, 2017 by kenharris

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