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July 18, 2017
Arvest Bank

38 members met at Arvest Bank to discuss location of the 2018 Annual Car Show. Some grabbed a bit at Mazzio's before the meeting..

Ken started the meeting at 7:01 pm.

Motion passed to accept minutes as emailed to members.

Ray Purdum reported that we have $6680.43 in the bank. More later.

Club News

Clayton Reich passed away suddenly July . He has a really nice '61 Thunderbird, sold his '31 Ford roadster two car shows ago with the casket trailer and was talking about building an open wheeled '33 Chevy coupe. He is sorely missed. Our Sympathies go to Louise and family.
Barrett Burris is doing better. They hope to cut back on his oxygen later this week.
Marggie Miller is still having pain and her doctor is on vacation. Hope he is rested up to help her when he gets back.
John Ervin can drive again. He has been fighting an infection in his leg for about five weeks. Doing much better now.
Speaking of John Ervin, who wants to race at Speed Week on Bonneville Salt Flats, - there is one opening for someone to go to Speed Week this August for three days, sorry won't be racing but should be a hoot. Contact Neal Johnson.
Richard Briggs joined us as a guest. We need to get him back as a member. I believe he has a '70 Nova.

Old Business

Some visited the car show at the Porter Peach Festival

New Business

In lieu of flowers the Club sent $50 to Washington County SPCA in memory of Clayton Reich

Jeannie and Ray Purdum offered to buy the 45 remaining t-shirts and donate them to local nursing homes. Clark Donnell moved and Wes Thomas seconded that the club not accept their kind offer but donate the remaining shirts to local nursing homes. Jeannie Harris, Jim French, Clark Donnell and David Williams are taking them to area nursing homes. Thanks all it is a Great Idea.

Ken bought a drone for the club. It has a high definition camera and was just $50. John Blaesi is practicing with it to get some interesting pictures at our events. I was going to say play with it but John would never play with it.

Ken opened discussion for the location of the 2018 Annual Car Show. The loss of support from the City of Bartlesville and the demise of Bartlesville Streets has eliminated the support we received in the past. The Community Center Parking lot would not hold the number of cars we had last year, required substantial rent upfront and had no room for expansion in the future. Ken had requested via email input and suggestions on proposed or other sites. The three responses addressed the two locations below. Ken made a list of pros and cons for two sites listed below.


* Hard Surface * Not much Shade
* 300 Spaces * Limited Power
* Food Trucks could use * Limited Public Parking
Generators. (Remote)
* Indoor Registration * Just another “Parking
Lot” Car Show.
* Easy Highway Access * Location
* Good Car Trailer Parking
* No Bicycles/Skateboards
* No Insurance Needed.



* Park-Like Setting * Noise Levels / Speaker
(Room for 220 Cars). Locations.
* Plentiful Power * Grass Surface
* Nice Restrooms * Increased Parking Staff
* Allows for Future Expansion * Will require Radios.
* Fewer Barricades Needed. * Limited Public Parking.
* Only (3) business contacts. * More Signage Req’d.
* Increased Vendor Space * Insurance ($300-$500)
* Nice Area for Car Trailers

After a fair amount of good discussion Ken asked if we wanted to table the discussion or make a choice. Dave Farmer moved and Larry Morrison seconded a motion that we vote on the two locations. Ballots were handed out, marked and collected. Edna Ayers and Terry Ervin collected and counted the ballots. The City Center Pavilion received 6 votes and Tri-County Technology received 22 votes. Our 2018 Annual Car Show will be held at Tri-County Technology May 12, 2018.

Upcoming Events

Our next meeting will be August 15 at Arvest?

Friday KMart will involve a cruise - come early and go.
We have been invited to the Free Fair, the last one?, in Dewey
An indoor car show in Grove this Saturday. In the old Walmart building
Caney Cruisers will be at El Maguey Aug 4th please contact Ken for reservations.
August 19 Owasso
Adjourned at 8:26 pm
Respectfully submitted by Bernie Baldwin

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posted 21 July, 2017 by kenharris

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